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Bicycle Safety Almanac

Statistics about Safety, Fatalities, & Injuries Stats about Pollution, Energy Use, Walking, Highways, and Airplanes, are on our general Almanac page. (All statistics below refer to the United States unless otherwise noted.)

Bicycle Accessories and Why You Need Them

Bicycle Accessories and Why You Need Them

It may surprise North American bikers to learn that if you buy a bike in places like the Netherlands or Japan, it will usually come with a kickstand, a bell, a headlight, and a rack or basket. When you buy a bike in America it doesn’t come with these items, […]

Bicycle gears

How To Use Bicycle Gears

Bicycles have multiple gears so that it’s easier to go up hills, and so you can go faster on level ground. Read this article and in five minutes you’ll know how to use your gears.

How to Buy Used Bikes

This is a short primer on how to buy inexpensive used bikes for basic commuting or transportation (no more than about 10 miles a day). It’s not for people biking longer distances, or who want a high-quality bike, or who will be doing mountain biking, racing, or touring.